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Control Panel Manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing facility produces Motor Control Centres (MCC) to Form 1, 2, 3 and 4 using branded components.

MCCs are assembled and wired within the enclosures to pre-approved designs.

Each MCC is thoroughly tested, with each circuit connected to a simulation test rig to check compatibility with control software programs and field control devices. Prior to dispatch from the workshop, a 2,000-volt flash test and 500-volt insulation test is carried out to ensure that the MCC complies with BS Electrical Safety Regulations.

Our dedicated in-house manufacturing teams focus on effective design meaning we have complete control over production and offer a consistent build quality and faster panel build times.

Any change to a design, allows us to implement panel changes quickly off or on site
We all work closely to consistently improve designs

Control panels are an essential part of any BMS. Using modern, intelligent BMS control panel design and manufacture gives you simple and convenient control of temperature and energy efficiency throughout your building.

Whether you need control panel design and manufacture for a complete new control system, or to be integrated into an existing one, our engineers will ensure it’s tailored perfectly to your building and your needs.

From single units to multi-room controls across more than one building, we’ll give you complete control of HVAC plant.

Our BMS control panel design and manufacture is:

  • Designed specifically for your building and your control system
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Integrated design with existing control systems
  • Compliant with UK regulatory standard BSEN 60439

Integrated design

Our control panels can be designed and manufactured to integrate with your existing control system to ensure they work perfectly together.